Concept Note

The intersection of law and technology has constantly engaged academics, experts and practitioners in the legal industry and the ramifications arising out of disruptive technologies are increasing drastically along with the burden of legal institutions, particularly when they are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure justice. Off late, technology has taken the form of Autonomous Vehicles to challenge the current state of legislations across jurisdictions, posing humongous socio-economic and legal implications including that of inter alia liability, ethics, human autonomy and privacy. Although, India is yet to encounter this disruptive technology, the R&D in advanced economies has long begun and is proliferating exponentially every day. Given this, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to imagine an extensive use of such vehicles on the Indian streets in the coming years. In order to address the complexities arising out of this revolution of technologies in the absence of any domestic legislation cater to such a critical futuristic issue, AURO University is organizing the 6th AURO National Moot Court Competition 2020 from 28th February to 1st March 2020 with the aim of fostering quality research, debate and suggest appropriate reforms to this subject.